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 Young Artists

Young at Art

Drawing / Painting / Sculpture

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Art Classes 

Art classes are set to resume in January 2020

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Museum of the Bible Transformed into Hobby Lobby

Young at Art - Levels 1 thru 4

Drawing, painting, sculpture introducing 3D forms, perspective, tonal value and color mixing. Graduation certificates presented upon completion of each level.

Rise & Shine - Teen/Adult Drawing & Painting

Drawing and painting for all levels.  Step-by-step instruction and/or gentle critique. No-pressure atmosphere.

Drawing Basics

FUNdamentals in drawing essential for successful, realistic works of art.

Beginning Oil/Acrylic Painting

The joy of painting awaits the artists enrolled in this session. Freedom of expression, color mixing, blending and the keys to creating rewarding paintings.

Museum of the Bible Passages Exhibition Grand Opening                          SCV-Arts at Hobby Lobby Santa Clarita

 Santa Clarita was one of only six US sites for the introduction to the Museum of the Bible, a small version of the massive site to open in Washington, DC (2017).          

 The Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby, a national chain store, postponed the build out to allow the Museum of the Bible Passages exhibition to run

through April 2016. The new Hobby Lobby Santa Clarita opened October 17, 2016.

SCV-Arts cohosted John 3:16 Day held at Museum of the Bible celebrated with different languages simultaneously saying the verse at exactly 3:16pm on 3.16.16.

Adult / teen / youth classes. RSVP today

Disney Animator Retires After 38 Years - His Journey

Disney animator, Ron Husband, retires after 38 years.  His works include Pumbaa, Scar, and other classics.  He is one of the first African-American animators at Disney.

Purchase his book

"Quick Sketching

with Ron Husband"

on Amazon.

The Prince, Pop-Art, and The Pietà

Prince Lorenzo de' Medici, descendent of Lorenzo the Great, and sponsor of Michelangelo's art and career, continues the journey in art with his collection.  Prince Lorenzo is also a sponsor of the worldwide recreation of Michelangelo's "Pietà." u

Women, Art, & Community

SCV-Arts & Entertainment

has helped  bring civic and

media attention to

Empowering HeARTS,

an exhibition





is an annual event.

The exhibition has

quickly become one

of Santa Clarita's

premiere events.

A Weistling Family Art Affair

"The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others."    

~Vincent van Gogh

The Midnight Mission

Serving the homeless in California for over 100 years.

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