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   Television Broadcasts

Our shows feature local and national talent plus industry professionals.  Check out this segment

SCV-Arts & Entertainment produces 1/2 hour show (24mins) airing on SCVTV Channel 20 - Local Television for Santa Clarita.  

Christie Locke hosts

The Michelangelo Mission,

Vereen Football Camp, and

Lorelle Miller, Featured Artist


(Above) SCV Olympic gold medalists and world record holders get all dressed up for the Golden Goggle Awards.  Anthony Ervin has set yet another Olympic first as the oldest swimmer to receive a gold medal.  Abbey Weitzeil is one of the youngest on Team USA, also getting her gold.  Meet these two amazing SCV swim superheroes airing on SCVTV.

Just a sample of our broadcasts.  View more when you subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Teaching Art on SCVTV
Gloria Locke takes you step-by-step to create a seashore painting with acrylic on canvas. Great for beginning painters.

"Winter" Artist and host Gloria Locke demonstrates technique for creating a winter painting. PLUS
Bob Locke's music video keeps you laughing and encouraging winter drivers to slow down.


"Van Glo" Gloria Locke's Ste[-by-step to paint like VAN GOGH
plus SCV-Arts goes behind the scenes of the Smokey Robinson Golf Invitational to benefit
the Midnight Mission.

Chip Fields-Hurd: Harlem to Hollywood

Gloria Locke gets up close and personal with renowned actress/director, Chip Fields-Hurd.  Her inspirational testimony of God's amazing grace through her Hollywood career.



Awards & Accolades

From Empowering HeArts to making an Olympic splash on the red carpet, the awards go to....

Artist/Singer/Songwriter: Animator, T. Dan Hofstedt has worked on Simba, Nala,  The Emperor (Mulan) and many other classic characters. See how art and music are all wrapped up in this Christmas show.

Next Generation

Christie Locke hosts feat. Singer/songwriter of Australia's Got Talent, Calvin Orosa & Author, Tanae Bell.

BRAVO!  A standing ovation for a timeless classic relived at College of the Canyons Theatre Department. We go backstage with the cast to find out why the play is still relevant today. 

Remembering Ed Redd

2010 Flashback: Remembering Santa Clarita's first black Parks & Recreation Commissioner   (clip from our broadcast airing in April 2010).

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