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Black Violin Brings 'Unity' to Santa Clarita

JAN 2017 - Black Violin  performed an outstanding, yet unlikely, blend of classical violin and hip hop  part of their "Unity" tour.  Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center was the third stop on the national tour.  Check out some of the sounds of music of the SOLD OUT, encore performance.

A Night for Theatre

El Portal Theatre,

North Hollywood

The new hit musical "GodSpeed" takes the Bible to a visual and musical paradise. Patrons from all over the world came to see the visual and performing arts masterpieces, sponsored by Santa Clarita philanthropists.

A Night for Dance

'So You Think You Can Dance' Star,

Chris Koehl Sh!nes Sharing Christ through Dance


" I broke my back. Not on the show; I moved out to L.A. and got in a car accident within six months of being out here.

     I went through depression and a whole list of stuff.  It just really held back my career but I feel like 2014 is a new year for me," says Koehl.

     "I really do believe that Christ died for our sins. I believe that He is the answer. I believe that His Word is completely true and it is the key to life. "

Riley Weinstein is determined to make her mark on the world through dance - in spite of the challenges.  Today, she is one of the nation's favorite "Scream Queens", Chanel #8.

     "I started dancing on my own because none of the dance studios would accept me because I did have special needs," says Weinstein. "Be true to yourself. Don't take anybody else's word. If you really want to dance, then do it."

RILEY WEINSTEIN: "If you want to dance, then do it"

JOHN IRVING: "I  am a Liberator"  Poetry with Purpose


Star-struck patrons were on Cloud Nine as the

"So You Think You Can Dance" all-stars chasséd, moonwalked, popped, and pirouette across the stage at West Ranch High School during a February 1st benefit performance.

       "One of my favorite things is to be able to go to a school and encourage kids to push pass, whether ADD or dyslexic, or they don't think they can do it. I was there. I didn't think I could do any of those things either. Here I am now, I'm dyslexic and going to college," says SYTYCD all-star, Chris Koehl.

     The William S. Hart Union School district's WiSH Education Foundation is bridging the budget gap between the arts and the classroom with Saturday's "A Starry, Starry Night" show.

     "It's been pretty tough so the WiSH Foundation is happy to support arts in schools for the William S. Hart School district and that's what this show is all about," said show producer and WiSH Education Foundation director, John Zaring.

     "We are happy to announce that the Foundation has dispersed nearly $50,000 in science equipment to schools within the Hart District," says Amy Daniels, the Foundation's Executive Director.

     The 90-minute non-stop, action packed, benefit show had the audience cheering and chanting, "Yo, yo, yo" with Daniels and Master of Ceremony, comedian Collin Moulton.  The event offered a happy ending with Q&A and on-stage photo ops with the dance celebs.

     "(The arts) keeps imagination and life alive, if you know what I mean," says SYTYCD all-star, Alex Wong.  Hart High Dance Team dazzled the stage with two routines and witnessed the brand new choreography performed by their favorite dancers.

     Becca, a Santa Clarita resident says she has been dancing all of her life. "Not everyone is academic or some amazing English major or something. They can dance or sing," she said.

     So You Think You Can Dance 2013 Season 10 winner, Fik'Shun, mesmerized young and old with moves that were described as "unreal, like fiction" hence his stage name.

     "It's good for people to see what can come out of the arts. I feel like by us performing here tonight, we got to show that 'arts' is more than just a name, like it's our life," says Fik'Shun.

In the lyrical message,"I am a Liberator," actor/artist, John Irving challenges Christian artists of all genres to tell the world about Jesus through the arts. 

     "When poetry and drama is mixed with the aroma of my Creator, it's greater. I am a liberator....More than a writer, write a story (to) make you laugh, cry, and say 'glory!'  Moralistic visionary is very necessary to be a holy novelist creator. My story serves a Greater. Why? 'Cause I am a liberator," shares Irving during the performance.  Click here or the image to view.

WiSH Comes True at "A Starry, Starry Night"

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other." 

~ Abraham Lincoln

Kev - breaking stereotypes